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Armed with an array of expertise and professionalism, our Consultants are more than capable of getting you on the right track, whether you're a Client or a Candidate!


Recruiting qualified candidates for multiple sectors of employment


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Preliminary Interviewing

Acting as an extension of our client’s HR department

Employee Screening

Assuring open communication between all candidates and clients

Reference Checks

Systematically check the vital personal and professional facts of any applicant

Skills Evaluation

In-depth analysis to identify most relevant candidates for the best position

Our Skills

As an organisation, we constantly strive to deliver top quality Services to our clients and candidates alike. In so doing, we're constantly honing our skillset to effectively render the best experience!



Skills Testing


Employee Screening


Preliminary Interviewing


Why Choose Speedy Placements...

Speedy placements will handle recruiting including reference checks, skills evaluation, preliminary interviewing and screening of all employees for its clients. Speedy Placements acts as an extension of the client’s human resource department assuring that there is open communication between candidate and client and assisting with any trouble-shooting or problem solving that may be needed.

Often companies cannot recognize their hiring needs until it is too late. Therefore customers appreciate a fast placement service.

Our ability to accurately find a candidate who has the necessary skills and qualifications, as well a match with the company culture.

Whether you're a prospective Employer or a Job seeker, you're both are Clients! We understand both paradigms and commit ourselves to Service excellence all the time!.

CAREER JUNCTION | Job Search Portal

An Interactive Junction company that's part of Times Media Group, allows users to search for the 3 vitals: jobs, autos and properties in one place. It's also an exciting way for seekers and advertisers to come together and openly discuss and share ideas or knowledge around the topics.

YSF MICROSYSTEMS | Technology Vendor

Leaders in the IT field, YSF has equipped Speedy placements with the best technological advantage over other placement agencies. Ensuring our networking uptime stays at 100%!


Speedy Placements brings value added services to our Clients always! That is why RDLB has sourced and compiled some valuable informational documents to assist our Job Seekers while searching for employment.

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job industries

  • Accounting, Administration, Automotive
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Community, Sport and Leisure
  • Construction, Building and Architecture
  • Customer Service and Call Centre
  • Education and Training, Engineering
  • Executive/Corporate Strategy

job industries

  • Government & Defense, Graduate
  • Hospitality, Travel and Tourism
  • Human Resources & Recruitment
  • Insurance, IT,Telecomms, Legal
  • Logistics, Transport, Manufacturing
  • Media, Advertising, Arts
  • Medical, Healthcare, Mining, Oil, Gas

job industries

  • PR, Communications,
  • Property & Real Estate
  • Scientific & Biological
  • Trade, Artisan & Services
  • Sales & Marketing

what we offer

  • Temporary and Contract Employment
  • Permanent Employment
  • Disability Employment
  • Sourcing Consulting Services
  • Training and Skills development
  • Preliminary interviewing & Screening
  • Skills and Psychometric Evaluations